Spacemen & Dinosaurs found after 51 years!

I’m sure that it comes as no surprise to anyone, but I’m a long-time comic book fan. An agingfanboy, as it were. However, I can still remember the comic which started my lifelong interest. One day when I was seven I looked into the village newsagents shop window, and there in a spinner rack was a comic. On the cover were spacemen and dinosaurs. An obsession was born.

The shop was shut, and by the time I’d managed to get 8½d (the comic was 9d, and a passing teddy boy – honest, he was the son of friends of my parents and he had a leather jacket – gave me ½d which he saw on the floor) it had been sold. But it was too late, I’d been hooked, and there were so many other comics…

Over the years I’ve often thought about that comic. The spaceman was looking up at a tyrannosaurus and saying something about “A planet of prehistoric animals”. I’d worked out that he must have been a character called Space Ranger, which meant that the comic could well have been a science fiction comic called Tales of the Unexpected. But from that day on I’ve never seen a copy (not even on-line before someone asks).

At last month’s Bristol Comic Convention I found a copy! You can see from the scan that my memory was pretty good, although I’d missed the aliens riding the dinosaurs (!). It’s Tales of the Unexpected #54 October 1960. It’s been a 51 year wait, but I finally got to read the story about the spacemen and dinosaurs, and for ten minutes I was that little kid with his nose pressed against the glass in a country village shop. Comics, just love ‘em.

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  1. Richmonde says:

    I wish I could find the one where two men passed through a mystic fountain and were turned into centaurs… They stole a lot of gold from the land of the centaurs and passed back through the mystic fountain – but of course they became horses, not men!

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