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Where is Wales on Wikipedia?

I’m hoping to walk up Garth Hill – I like the film “The Englishman who went up a hill but came down a mountain” – and yes, I know it’s not true.  However, here’s a map from Wikipedia.  Can you … Continue reading

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The Pedantic Scientist asks if it’s the end of tennis?

I must admit to not being keen on tennis, although can admire the athleticism and dedication of the professionals. However, with the much-publicised match at Wimbledon poised at 59-59 this morning you have to ask – is this the beginning … Continue reading

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The Pedantic Scientist

Another excellent episode of Dr Who, this time sorting out relations with the Silurians, who are described as Homo reptilicus. Interesting name. Species are described in what’s known as binomial nomenclature, with the genus name first, and species name second. … Continue reading

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