I set myself up for this every time, but go and vote. All the arguments have been endlessly rehashed: all MPs are corrupt (no they’re not), your vote doesn’t count (yes it does), all parties are the same (no they’re not). It’s part of a franchise that people in the past fought for. Don’t let them down.

PS If you think all politicians are the same, and can’t tell the difference between Nick Griffin and Nick Clegg (to choose two names at random) you might think that you’re so delightfully cynical, but you’re not, you’re a plank.

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2 Responses to Vote!

  1. Robert says:

    The sad truth is: people rarely vote for something. They vote against. They vote for the least worst option, as they see it, and then the people they vote for betray their trust by adopting a lot of the stuff the other side would do, anyway, to appeal to the mysterious “undecided” / middle ground voters. No wonder there is cynicism. I’d vote if I could. I can’t, so all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that the party I dislike most does not get into power. Meanwhile, I can’t help wondering whether things wouldn’t be better if there was a lot more democracy (how can 29% of votes get over 50% of seats?), or a lot less (too many people are petty, small-minded, Daily-Mail-reading bigots… why should I be governed by the kind of people they elect?). Here’s hoping for a hung parliament…

  2. theagingfanboy says:

    That’s the responsibility. Outside of 70s student politics you’ll never have someone you agree 100% with, so maybe you do choose to keep out the party you dislike the most.

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