Is it just me, or is the pelican crossing outside the university wonky?

As I walk into the university from Trefforest each day I have to cross busy roads via pelican crossings. The two in Trefforest work well enough, you push the button, and after a few seconds the traffic light goes red, and you can cross. Then you get up to the one by the Glyntaff campus.

Not especially pedestrian-friendly; this morning I saw four cars go round the mini-roundabout – none of them indicated where they were going, and one went the wrong way round the roundabout. But I digress.

The pelican crossing at Glyntaff looks the same as the others, but it seems to me that you push the button, wait for all the traffic to go past, and then the traffic light turns red.

Has anyone else noticed this, or it just me?

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